Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekend Update: I Should Be STUDYING! Edition

On Friday, Mike texted me and said he was going to be in town with his band (The Hit), so Marion and I made like good friends and drove all the way out to Cypress to see him play. We seriously drove for an hour to get there. WTF, Mike's band's tour organizers? There's more to tell you, but Marion and I took my Flip camera out for a spin and I can show you instead!
These are mostly little random clips, but I think you get the general idea of everything. My theory is that we don't know how to get good footage yet, and the more we practice, the better it'll be. See, I knew there was a reason I got the camera three months before SXSW! Anyway, without further ado...The Java Junction Videos!

Here, Marion gives you our first impressions of the venue and its clientele.

Java Junction Introduction from Priya on Vimeo.

Marion and I comment more on the audience and we stare at the 12 year old onstage. Listen to him singing. It's so cute.

12 Years Old from Priya on Vimeo.

The 12 Year Old introduces The Hit and some other bands, I'm PSYCHED! and Marion talks about 10 year olds kissing. Shudder.

The Hit Introduction from Priya on Vimeo.

We introduce you to the decor of Java Junction between sets.

Inside Java Junction from Priya on Vimeo.

Marion tells you the story of how she didn't have to pay $10 for a wristband.

Marion's Java Junction Story from Priya on Vimeo.

And here's a little clip of The Hit playing. They put on a surprisingly good show. Marion and I decided we wanted to take the keyboardist home in our collective pocket (he's the one in the yellow shirt).

The Hit: just a hit from Priya on Vimeo.

So that was the show. Afterwards, Marion and I went to Poison Girl and drank for a bit, and then went to meet Mike & Co at his house. A couple of other bands came too, so it was kind of a swordfight, but we had an okay time watching Pimp My Ride with them. We also watched a couple of really scary internet videos (like one where a guy puts a glass jar in his butt and it breaks and blood comes out all over the place and oh god). Good times in traumatization.

Last night Marion and I went to see Andy Rourke (the bassist for The Smiths) DJ at the Meridian. The club set him up in a room that could have handled more than 100 people and only 10 people showed up. That was depressing. But more depressing than that was the fact that Marion and I were the only people dancing. And because we felt like we came to support Andy and everything, we felt bad about leaving the dance floor, and because we felt bad about leaving the dance floor, we danced for like 2 and 1/2 hours straight. I used to do this, you know, in my youth, but I'm out of practice and creaky now. My feet hurt.

Here's a video of how empty the club was.

Waiting for Andy from Priya on Vimeo.

Andy was a good sport about it, I guess, but when Marion and I tried to shout at him and tell him to go to The Mink next time (we had to shout because he was up on a stage and there was a crowd barrier, AND The Mink is where I saw him last time he was in town), he looked at us like, "okay, drunk girls!" Marion said, "it's more intimate there! People will come and see you!" and he said something like "yeah, intimacy, that's what I need right now." All inscrutable and English. FINE THEN. So I guess Andy and I are going through a rough patch right now, but I'm sure next time he comes to Houston we'll kiss (twice!) and make up.

And today begins the cram time before my macroeconomics final. It's next Monday, so I have a week to make this happen. YAY ECON! Kill me.


L said...

You watched what the internet kids are calling 1 guy 1 cup. I know this because I just watched it.

Priya said...

That video makes me sad.

Anonymous said...

remove that marion the valley girl clip before i kill myself.

excuse me, like, kill myself.



Priya said...

Marion! I seriously don't know what clip you're talking about. I didn't notice you saying "like" all that much in any one of the videos.