Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Not to brag or anything

Priya: speaking of which, have you ever had to read canterbury tales for school?
Priya: and if you did, how predictable was it when your prof BUSTED OUT INTO MIDDLE ENGLISH?

Caroline: YES I hated them, I now realize the only reason we read them is they're the only things that exist from that century worth reading
"Oh don't mind me, I just spoke this way all through my Phd"

Priya: haha i had my first Chaucer class AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT SHE SAID

Caroline: HAHA

Priya: "oh i just spoke this way all through my Phd"
seriously i wish i were kidding
then occasionally she would look up from the text and recite FROM MEMORY

Caroline: oh, my heart hurts
that poor woman

Priya: i know
then she was like "one of these days you're going to be on a date with a nice boy and you'll bond over the fact that you both had to read canterbury tales!"
and i'm like "that's the best you can do?"
seriously, the best way to motivate us is to tell us how FUCKING HORRIBLE this class is going to be!?

Caroline: HAHA

Priya: though i guess i'm kind of glad to be doing it because then people will be like "damn you read the canterbury tales?" and i'll be like BETTA BELIEVE IT and they'll be in awe of me

Caroline: hahaha
you and Chris can revel in your awe

Priya: did he read it too?

Caroline: yeah last semester
took a whole class on them

though mine is a Chaucer class, so we're also going over some of his lesser known works
not to brag or anything
but this is some seriously underground shit

Caroline: hahaha
before he sold out

Priya: exactly
these are like his first live shows and demos
the canterbury tales is like when he signed a contract with Capital Records


L said...

Mrs. Becker had it all memorized in Middle English - she didn't even need a book...

Priya said...

My prof has it all memorized too, she was just making us read along so we could see how the words looked and sounded, and showing off occasionally.

By the way, remember that fantastic drinking game I made for Mrs. Becker's class? I just came up with the opinion that all English profs (if they're good) should have drinking games. I'm working on developing some right now.