Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama Makes For Good President (OMFG President)

I apologize for the hackneyed acronym there, but my emotions regarding today's topic are too wild and varied to make a good title with. I shall just say that I'm super fucking excited and only stupid Rick Warren could make such an awesome occasion just a little less FUCKING SWEET. Also: I had class today and it was a little anticlimactic to watch the speech on the laptop screen of the dude sitting in front of me in Accounting, but fuck it.

In that same vein, I was just reading Defamer's summary of today's Inauguration proceedings, and it was pretty amusing. Especially the last line, which more or less sums up my feelings about everything:

"And then George W. Bush got to the chopper, and flew away, to Dallas, the worst city on Earth besides Houston, where be belongs."

Robert is in town today, so he, Marion, and I are going to celebrate today's events by going to get dinner and drinks at various parties across town. Joke's on all of you who aren't in Houston today, because if you were here, I would invite you to come with us.

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L said...

...but he's not going to Dallas - he's going to Midland.