Thursday, January 22, 2009


Hey. What's up? That's good, that's good. I'm having a pretty good week so far. I had some classes. And, AND! Some of my best friends from high school - who also happen to be pretty much the only readers of this website (hey guys!) - happen to be all in town at the same time, which is fantastic. I had them over tonight to watch a movie or play Cranium or something like we did in the old days, but we ended up alternating between flicking through On Demand like someone who's seen too much porn and can't be excited by anything anymore and watching Craig Ferguson clips on YouTube...just like we did in the old days. Some things NEVER EVER CHANGE EVER. Seriously, kids, when you grow up and graduate...don't worry that Everything Will Be Different when you see all your friends again. Because it won't be. It'll be exactly the same, in all the best ways, which means that you'll continue to share all the random things you found on the internet which horrify you and wonder if there's a showing of Taxicab Confessions on TV anytime soon.

The notable internet clip of the night was courtesy of Lauren. It's a video of these guys doing a stage performance of something called the Yes Dance. the clip:

Sure, it's America and it's 2008 - why the hell not? But you still can't help being somewhat disturbed by how excited you inevitably are when that guy takes his clothes off at the end. And you're not the only one who's obsessed with the Yes Dance now!

My favourite part is obviously where he keeps saying "The YouTube". Which tube, Craig?
As it turned out, Craig liked the Yes Dance so much that he talked about it on his show again the next night.

And then he talked about it AGAIN!

I think that's legitimate obsession there, right? Yeah. Speaking of legitimate obsession, ROBERT HAS A BLOG NOW. I'm adding a link over under Favourite Blogs - the title is Electricity and Lust (I don't know what that means. You should ask him. In a comment). Hey Robert!

Now I'm all worn out. It's like how everyone thinks that yesterday was going to be a wild and sexy night for the Obamas, what with celebrating "the 'Naug'" and all (God that looks hot)...

... but I'm pretty sure they just had a bunch of champagne and passed out facedown on the completely made bed with, like, one shoe off. You know how it is when exhausted old people drink. We've all been there.

Anyway, I'm going to bed.


Timbine said...

I heard something funny. The Obamas left their parties at 12:55 am, when Bush was inaugurated he left his at 10 pm.

L said...

Is it just me, or does the first lady look a lot like possessed Sigourney Weaver, waiting for her key master???

L said...

PS - robert's blog title sounds like a gay porn movie from the 80's. Love it!

Priya said...

Timbes: Why didn't they just say that they left at 1AM? Also, I heard that people in DC were mad at Bush because he didn't party much and that somehow affected money flow in the city. I guess they're happy now because they anticipate that Obama will be entertaining more often and that somehow means more money for local businesses.

L: She totally does look like Sigourney Weaver, but that's never a bad thing. Just imagine what Barack is saying to her there - I'm be willing to bet you'd have a big, shit-eating grin on your face, too.

Timbine said...

a gay porno from the 80s? hahaha! I almost named it Shaggy Coco! Which in that context sounds like an "actor" in said film.

I saw a magazine cover that said "White House Baby!" and for a second I thought it meant they were planning on having a baby while in the white house.

Priya said...

Let's be honest, they probably will.

L said...

um, this is amazing:

Priya said...

Yeah, I read about this on Defamer a couple of days ago. I think she's referring to the Jihadist Fist Jab of Summer 2008...but I suppose I could be mistaken.