Thursday, January 22, 2009

January 22nd

Today is my brother's birthday! He turns 20, oh my god.

In other news, I'm adding a 5th class to my schedule this semester - Women in Victorian Literature. I'm pretty stoked about it because I sent my prof a friendly email asking if I could add the class this late (I don't really need it for my degree but it could count as an elective and I figure I'll get a good grade in it)...

Hi, Dr. Lit Crit!

I saw Grant in my Shakespeare class today and he said that he has your Women in Victorian Literature class...I'm interested in the subject matter and I obviously enjoyed your Literary Criticism class last semester, so I searched for the course, but I can't find it. Is there any way I can get in at this late date? Just tell me what to do; Grant promised that if I can get in he'll let me hang out with the cool MLA students.

Thanks for your help!
- Priya

...and where she was previously very succinct in her replies to my emails, however far-afield they went, she replied thus:

Hi, Priya! -- good to hear from you -- absolutely, we'd love to have you in the class, and you'll no doubt offer much to our discussions. You should be able to register no problem -- I think there are one or two spots left. If there aren't and the class is full then Dr. Chair will have to sign you in. I'd do it myself, but as Chair his signature is the one the registrar will need. If the class is already full then just tell him I said it is fine with me for you to come in over quota. I'll tape a syllabus and reading schedule to my office door this afternoon when I come in, so you can stop by at your convenience and pick them up. The class is MW 1:40-2:55 in Jerabeck 201, so we'll see you then and there! As always, the bookstore hasn't done the order properly, so you'll want to move quickly on trying to get ahold of our first text elsewhere (Ann Radcliffe's _A Sicilian Romance_). I think Grant said he got ahold of a copy, so perhaps you could borrow from him if you have a hard time yourself finding it.

All best,
Dr. Lit Crit

PRETTY PROMISING, HUH? Maybe I'll ask her to be my best friend after all. I mean...maybe I'll try to forge and maintain a healthy relationship with a member of the school's faculty, as she could help me both in career performance and personal development, after all!

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