Thursday, January 22, 2009

Top 10 Signs You're in India

10. The food is great almost because you're so terrified of eating it.

9. Even if you understand the language, TV commercials make absolutely no fucking sense.

8. Cricket is your new religion.

7. There's so much traffic that cows, rickshaws, motorcycles, and cars are all going the same speed.

6. Nobody obeys traffic laws - and actually, there's no actual evidence that there are traffic laws - and yet there are no traffic accidents.

5. Everything takes 45 minutes longer than you think it will.

4. You learn a hilariously insulting word and it translates to "brother-in-law".

3. Human shit is a very real point against wearing open-toed shoes.

2. Midriff-baring tops are a non-issue to the point of almost total saturation in a certain demographic, but somehow the fact that I wear bangs garnered a notable amount of attention.

1. You've officially decided that you would rather risk shitting yourself to death than not eat the food.


Caroline said...


L said...

What's the deal with bangs?

Priya said...

Dunno! It was an unpopular choice.