Wednesday, March 11, 2009


You guys, I finally made the leap over to Flickr tonight - I've only uploaded pictures through Summer of 2004, so feel free to take a peek and feel the blast from the past! I'll be uploading throughout the week, so keep checking back. I made a link for it under Favourite Links, on the left! Here's a taste of what you'll see there:

Jordan, Luke and Marion at (now defunct) Astroworld!

Robert at Sonic!

Me, looking gleeful!


Caroline said...

You look so brown and beautiful! PROFILE PIC! zomg!

Rolling Meme said...


L said...

Ugh, not that shirt again!

Priya said...

Caroline: That was a good year for me, photogenically. However, all my current profile pics are all like 4 years old and I feel like it's false advertising or something? Disingenuous in some way.

John: I know! We're so young!

Lauren: The shirt is dead. Don't worry, you're safe.