Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Things That Make Me Angry: The Cougar

You guys, I have been seeing this ad everywhere online lately:

And it makes my skin crawl. I'm of the opinion that most women on Reality TV are kind of whores. I'm not being Angela Martin from The Office right now, guys - I don't automatically think that everything is "whorish". I do, however, believe that exploiting your own sexuality for money is merely an R-rated variant on the X-rated theme. How can she possibly feel good about herself? Can't she tell they're laughing at her for trying to be erotically attractive in her declining years? And if, for some reason, you don't think she's exploiting her sexuality...put her in a pantsuit and see what happens to her ratings/ your boner. Even if it's a sexy business-lady pantsuit and not a Laura Bush pantsuit.

LADY! They're called your declining years for a reason! YOUR HAIR LOOKS LIKE STRAW AND I CAN SEE YOUR CERVIX FROM HERE. Jesus CHRIST. Have a little self-respect! WOMEN.

Also: Vivica A. Fox is the host(ess) for this show. What the fuck, Vivica? You are better than this. YOU SAVED THE FIRST LADY'S LIFE ONCE.

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