Monday, April 27, 2009

Tupercilious Sexting

So...I totally had swine flu this weekend (otherwise known as food poisoning or some other variant of stomach virus). I went out with Mackin & Co to get a drink (one drink) because apparently I DO have a sense of self-control after all, only to be rewarded for said self-control with BLARRRGHHHH all weekend. I'll save you the gruesome details, but BLAAAARRGGHHHH. BLAAARRGGGHHHH. BLAAAARRGGGHH. I don't think I lost any weight though. Fuck all of this. I remember when I used to lose weight just by thinking hard. FUCKING METABOLISMS

Sorry! That's not the point. The point is that I'm tired of looking at that damn Zac Efron post. It's embarassing. I'm a grown-ass woman! I should be putting away childish things like the star of a crappy Disney movie that doesn't even have a proper title. It's the third movie about a musical that is put on at a local high school! High School Musical 3! REALLY?! This is like when I title rough drafts of my papers things like Sexuality in Dracula Paper, or Sense and Sensibility. I bet those dancing and singing juniors actually sing the word "moral" at some point at the end of their little morality play. Really, guys? You never say "in conclusion" when you're ready to conclude your argument. You just...CONCLUDE.

I have Chaucer class later today. I should be reading for it...but I'm not going to. I'm just not. I don't fucking care anymore. I'm just going to do what little work I have to do and get the hell out. I have major spring fever, guys, and I can't think straight anymore. I'm freaking out about accounting, I guess, but just...two...more...WEEKS! And then I plan to go to Austin and harass Lauren and John so we can work on our super-secret plans. I hope John hasn't been talking shit this whole time about SSB Inc (you'll find out later), because I'm...actually serious. For once in my life.

Okay, I'm starving. I'm off to eat something bland but nutritious so my swine flu doesn't flare up again.

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