Monday, April 27, 2009

Conversational Artistry

Me: 30 hours? THIRTY HOURS? I don't think I've done anything for thirty hours total! Much less in a row!

Owen: What about sex?

Me: No. I haven't had 30 hours of sex total. Hahahaha.

Owen: You guys have been together for how many years now?

Me: I know what I said.

Owen: I would probably have to be in a relationship with someone to work that out. I bet a person could do it with a stranger too, though. I bet that's possible.

Me: What? No. It's not possible, period. You would die of dehydration before you even got close.

Owen: Well, you would take breaks, obviously. But you know, I had a friend that once just met this stranger and they hit it off and just went away for the weekend and had a ton of sex and then never saw each other again.

Me: Sure. I've heard of that.

Owen: It could happen!

Me: ...but I've also heard of people going to the fucking moon.

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