Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bodes Well for Summer

Hey guys. I have two papers due tomorrow so I need to start on that at some point. Checking in here first, though.

First order of business: the Five Guys Slogan Poll. How much do I love it that "This is a disgusting exercise and I won't participate" got zero votes? You guys rule. Pat yourselves on the back for that one. HOWEVER: how did "Five Guys: Just as Strangely Unsatisfying as You Think It Would Be" get FIVE VOTES?! Everyone knows that "Five Guys: One Tip is 20%!" is the better joke (empirically!), or failing that, "Five Guys: Gang Raping Your Hunger". Oh well, comedy is like a frog; you can dissect it, but it dies in the process.

Second! Last night I went out for 12 hours straight. TWELVE. Let that sink in. I went to bed at 8 this morning. Can you even begin to understand it? No. Suffice it to say that I have a newfound respect/disdain for a lot of people (we played like ten rounds of "Never Have I Ever", haha). I was kind of worried about what that kind of behavior might say about me, but I think I'll only be young once, and I should party for 12 hours straight while I can, before I have more responsibilities and I'm too tired to deal with it. That is, I realize, what "youth" is for.
Thumbs up to:
1. hearing the band say, "who likes to chill?" and screaming "WOOOO!!!!!!!" in response, in the least chill manner possible.
2. absolute zero and polar bears
Thumbs down to:
1. the lights at the bar turning on after last call and
2. the sun coming up.

Thirdly, I'm hungry. I reallllyyyyy wish Chipotle delivered. I would murder a bol right now.

NEXT. This one is hells of important, so I need you to pay attention. SHOUTOUT TO DEVON K, YOU GUYS!!!!

Okay, that's all I got for now. Owen just texted me saying that he only partied for 10 hours but he did shrooms so he asserts that his party was better. I gotta go straighten this out.


Timbine said...

so how many regrettable texts came with these 12 hours of partying?

Priya said...

Hahahahaha. Such an astute question. Not many, really - I did send a lot of tweets though...some of which reference things I don't remember. So that's interesting.