Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Broke Inside

me: i think our show should be called My Two Cats

John: hahaha

me: my two cats, my two cats, one of them's thin and the other one's fat
my two cats, my two cats, i love them both equally and that's a fact!

John: you've got the jingle already

me: yeah

John: ok so when are you checking into green oaks psychiatric?
did you get a morning check-in time
you can avoid the meth heads at that time

me: hahaha
are you gonna come visit me when i go?

John: mmm

me: or am i going to have to come...VISIT YOU

John: hahaha
day passes usually go to the more stable
so maybe in a few months

me: shut up i'm stable

John: hahaha
you weren't mad until i said you were unstable
but checking into an institution early enough to avoid the crack heads
totally glossed over

me: it's a helpful pointer
my two cats, my two cats, one is a jane and the other's jack, my two cats, my two cats, one of them's orange and the other is black
this is going to keep me from making friends
i can tell already

John: it's going to keep you from keeping friends

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