Thursday, August 20, 2009

Deal With It

Okay. I know I fell down on the travelogue thingie. I only had a short amount of time on the internet per day and that was used up with other, more important missives. I will complete it at a later date - for now, I'm a bit busy with catching up on all the internetting that I missed when I was abroad. In the meantime, enjoy this:

(802): does it bother you that i swallowed like millions of your unborn children
(1-802): actually, i try not to think about it

People say that they read PostSecret and see their own secrets in other people's handwriting. I read Texts From Last Night and see my own personality dysfunction in other people's area codes. I'm just waiting for the day a conversation shows up wherein a girl asks her boyfriend if he wishes he actually had a vagina. Then my BORGasm will be complete.


Marion said...

BORGasm. how many times did you high five yourself after you thought of that? i bet you were giddy. you probably read over it a few times and giggled to yourself, just thinking about how brilliant you are. i mean, that's what i would have done. and the borg has already had its way with us. but seriously, are you sure you weren't blowing dudes in vermont (vermont?! ok, vermont), because that sounds exactly like you. i mean, us.

Priya said...

I high fived myself a bunch. I'm not gonna lie.

Also, I've never been to Vermont. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. What's YOUR alibi?