Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Aaaand, full circle.

I find that I'm actually looking forward to getting back to class on the 19th...everyone's going back to work after the holidays, and I find that I spend my time either compulsively Netflixing Seminal Teen Romantic Comedies of the 1990s or listlessly watching Daily Show reruns and debating whether or not I should shower. I looked forward to this break so much, but now I find a definite preference for a sense of direction. Hopefully this bodes well for my performance (at least until Spring Break, when I - according to a well-seasoned tradition of my own devising - shut down for the rest of the year and make only token overtures to any type of accomplishment).

And then...summer. It feels like it will be forever from now, but I know the time will fly by. I'll probably take classes again...I enjoyed having something to do every weekday last year, even if it did involve the horror of Metaphysics and "Sacred Scriptures".

And after summer, another year in undergrad before I walk. Each step towards academic "completion" is impossible to describe in a context outside of my "5 year plan" - everyone who asks about what next year brings gets a very distinct look of I Was Railroaded Into This Conversation about six minutes into it, right around the time when I start talking about law school - some people do it and the MBA thing simultaneously but I just don't see myself being that successful with that, you know? And after that - . The salient point is clearly that I plan to stay in school as long as possible - at least until the current economic downturn is safely in our collective rearview mirror, at least until contemporary Seminal Teen Romantic Comedies stop making reference to parents losing jobs and start including lines like "Yuppie Greed is back, my friend!" again.

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