Friday, January 8, 2010


Yes, that is the music video for Tik ToK. The official spelling of this song's title is enough to give me the howling phantods, but just watch the first 30 seconds of it: the part where she goes downstairs and her parents are like SUPES SHOCKED that she looks so disheveled is pretty much what this month away from school has been like for me. I assume the thought process with my actual parents goes something like, "okay, Priya is going through a period of personal difficulty...we'll just leave her alone for now." Until I start cutting myself. HAHA Kidding I would never do that Or would I? No I wouldn't, I'm really bad at causing myself physical pain BUT EMOTIONAL PAIN IS NO PROBLEM is there a word for cutting your own soul? Not that I need that word I'm just wondering. Because I like words, you know. Because Literature Majors. Because books. Because yeah.

And that was my impression of Kristen Wiig's "Just Kidding!" character from SNL. Had you worried there for a sec, didn't I? Well, don't freak, guys, my MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES are just a myth. Anyway, here's the video.

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