Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Year, New Hair, New Me

Lately I've been feeling SUPER BORED with my hair. This comes over me once every three months or so - usually I get a new hairstyle or buy a ton of products or styling tools (you've seen my bathroom; you know I'm a slut for new products or tools), but this time the urge was stronger. I was about two minutes away from chopping it all off and going back to the old style I had when I lived in Seattle...

(My colorist has also gone through the "boy hair" thing and said she enjoyed it. We confirmed that you attract an altogether different kind of guy with short hair...eventually we decided that by "different" we meant "more open-minded")

But I've been growing my hair out for YEARS now, and to cut it all off kind of seems like I'd be negating all that "hard work" (even if I actually did literally nothing). But that short cut and the blonde have long since grown out - that picture was taken in the summer of 2006. So I decided to dye it again. This entry is boring me already so I'll just post the picture and get out of here.

Et voila.

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