Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Never before have the words "Destination: Horror" had so much personal significance

Marion's college friend, Tom, sent her this in the mail yesterday:

I spent all day thinking about it, and then at 1AM, we had the following text conversation.

Me: Just looked at Tom's gift again (nightmares) (gunshot) (nightmares for which not even death is a barrier)...I think Tom might be my hero?

Marion: Hahahahaha! Oh god, that WOULD be a quality you admire

Me: Oh also I thought that Tom should put together some kind of public viewing of his creations entitled Things That Shouldn't Exist, or, like, N'est Ce Pas Une Doll Head (Yes It Is)

Marion: Hahahahaha, and everything he ever gave me would be there

Me: Those swirly x-ray/eyeball glasses definitely. Maybe [redacted] wearing the glasses. Maybe the exhibit could be entitled N'est Ce Pas Une Haunted House (Yes It Is)


Marion: Another gift received from Tom: giant clown PEZ dispenser

Me: Hahaha oh my god. It's like he's not content with the neuroses you already have and is doing his best to foster more

Marion: Tom's nightmare menagerie

Me: I would buy like 10 tickets to see that.

Marion: I know you would

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