Friday, January 29, 2010

That Pretty Much Sums it Up (UPDATED!)

The Awl is quickly becoming my favourite news and pop culture site these days, in part because it's hilarious, but mostly because it's intelligent. I used to like Jezebel for those same reasons, but the fact that they are so righteous at Jezebel - rightly so, of course - can be exhausting after a while (not to mention the fact that the editors can be wildly contradictory in terms of what they will or will not support: for example, they are rabidly supportive of the Fat Acceptance movement [which is great] but somehow simultaneously encourage "skinny-bashing", which makes no sense). Sometimes I want to be assured that men can be the kind of emotionally intelligent critical thinkers the writers at Jezebel mostly agree they aren't.

So here's Balk, from The Awl (not a male-oriented site, by the way), in an article entitled BTW, While You Were Being Selfish And Goal-Oriented Your Eggs Were Dying.

Ladies, I bring you some unfortunate news. I know all you want to do is birth that baby you think is going to complete you and make your life full of purpose, but the thing you need to know is that your ovaries are decaying even more rapidly than previously suspected. Are you 30 or over? Uh oh. A new study shows that most of your eggs are already gone, and the ones that are left aren't really that good. You will probably NEVER HAVE THAT BABY. There, there. No, shhh, I know. Chin up, sweetie, it's okay. I'm sure that career you've been busy building will more than compensate for the overwhelming feeling of emptiness and lack of meaning that failing to achieve the most important goal of womanhood usually results in. Maybe you should just shift your focus to trying to get married. I mean, sometimes that does still happen to a woman over 30, right? But you should probably buy lots of cosmetics for that extra edge, just in case.

You can click over to The Awl and check it out - it's one of my Favourite Links, over there in the left margin.

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