Monday, February 15, 2010

Style Rookie

So you guys have heard of Style Rookie by now, yes? In case you haven't (peons), it's the blog (started in 2008) of this 13 year old girl, Tavi, from I-don't-know-where, wherein she comments - at length, sometimes eloquently, often hilariously - about fashion. I know! My first impulse was to be, like, "it's like watching a dog play the piano." Honestly, I didn't know what to think about a little girl who is so...I don't know, when I was 13 I was all over the place. I barely considered one thing (other than boys, of course) for longer than 10 minutes, much less long enough to have a really coherent thought about it and MUCH less long enough to write a whole blog about it for two years! Even now I can't get this site to focus down to anything less than "shizz in my brain?" which is a concern. Anyway, the point: I was highly skeptical when I first heard about Tavi (a year ago now?), but I was reacquainted with her today courtesy of Fashion Week and I have to admit I'm charmed now. Maybe it's the 3 slices of Chocolate Orange I just had for breakfast, but damn...this girl is cuuuute!

And it helps that her caption for this picture was "Two pictures (from Grazia and Tommy Ton for pieced together because I forgot to ask my dad if he could take one when it was light out. I find the second picture so amusing, especially the version with my dad in it, har har. ONCE AGAIN, I AM SO SRS BZNS. My moleskine is full of secrets."

Are you freaking kidding me. OF COURSE we all know I would have to love a well-written, precocious girl who is simultaneously completely fearless. Again, when I was her age (horf) I couldn't be PAID not to wear Gap or whatever was mid-priced and popular at the time. Thus: BRAVA, TAVI! Represent!
I look forward to finding out what she accomplishes in the near (and distant) future.

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