Saturday, February 20, 2010

Your Cat is Tripping BALLLLLZZZZZ

Gabe at @videogum (on the Twitter, see) likes to remind us of hilarious old posts sometimes, and recently he reminded us of this one about a Friskies commercial. I know some of you don't read Videogum (WHY, I don't know, since you'd love it) and so I am here to spread the wealth, so that you can deposit it into your LOL(k).

Man: Honey, what happened to the cat?

Woman: Oh, she is gone.

Man: What do you mean, she's gone?

Woman: Well, I gave her that Friskies you bought on Sunday, and she just started tripping balls super hard. She ran around the room in circles for awhile, foam building up in the corners of her mouth, her eyes open so wide I thought they'd fall out of their sockets. And there was just this deep, prehistoric noise emanating from her. Then she laid on her back and started scratching at the air frantically, just thrashing. Meanwhile, she was opening and closing her jaws crazy fast and somehow I swear her teeth got sharper. It was actually pretty terrifying. And then she died.

Man: Oh my God.

Woman: Yeah, I was going to wait for you, but I didn't know what time you were getting home, so I just said a few words in her honor and then flushed her down the toilet.

Man: This is really unexpected.

Woman: Yeah. That Friskies you bought on Sunday is crazy.

Man: No kidding.

Check out the original post here.

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