Monday, March 29, 2010

More Recycled Videogum Material

So it appears that Jamie Fox is coming out with a TV show on Fox which is described as being "a sketch-comedy series with an urban twist" which sounds exactly like Wild N' Out to me. Maybe that's ignorant of me...but I doubt it. Anyway, the project is currently untitled, and Gabe (editor of Videogum) suggested some names for it:

- The Jamie Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuxx Show
- Ray and Friends
- The Lololoist
- The Jamie Foxx Is Seriously So Awful I Hate Him Hour With An Urban Twist
- Canceled!

Hilarious. Except for the part where he did not give me credit for creating the "fuxx" and all its variations. FUXX YOU, GABE

You can go see the original post here. THOUGH TO BE HONEST I FAIL TO SEE A GOOD REASON FOR THAT, I MEAN AT THIS POINT IT'S OBVIOUS THAT HE'S JUST STEALING FROM ME oh who am I kidding ughhhhhhhhhhhhh (gunshot)

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