Thursday, March 11, 2010


I once asked him, "do you ever feel like falling in love with someone means that you love the kid they used to be?" He was skeptical, but I still kind of feel that way...What I meant (and couldn't properly articulate, having had my share of the alcohol) was that sometimes you can look at a person and see the way they were at 6, or 12, or 19, even if you didn't know them at that time - these are things about their character that aren't necessarily true in the present, but have nonetheless made a lasting mark on the person you know now.

Like this picture of Cillian Murphy, for example. Doesn't he look like a precocious 5 year old? You know he unconsciously made this exact face at all his mom's friends when he was little and they all fake-swooned, clutched their pearls, and went, "ooh, little Cillian will be a heartbreaker when he grows up! You better watch this one!"

I imagine that they say it in Irish accents for some reason, so that's pretty cute too.

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