Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wedding Fever

I've been thinking about love a lot lately (obviously, I've only posted about that topic like six times this week...stupid), because my cousin got married this weekend, and I've been hearing about this for like a year and a half, while she planned and planned and planned and planned and I don't have the strength to continue even thinking about how much work a wedding is. The point is that the wedding finally happened! Last night!

Most of my thoughts and impressions about the whole weekend-consuming thing have to do with scandalous family interactions and/or the relative efficaciousness of the various events within the weekend, so I'll skip that part. Basically I'm glad that it's over because that shit is stressful. I mean...all the (shudder) interactions with (shudder) other people and the (twitch) going outside my comfort zone.

(For those of you who are wondering, my comfort zone basically is limited to the perimeter of my bed. But hey, it's a queen-size!)

HOWEVER. I guess I must be growing up or something because I actually managed to talk to some people without breaking out in a flop sweat and dry heaving - we talked about writing, Milton, cross-country relationships, and being a cantankerous 45 year old at heart. Which was all really great (except for the bits which were fraught with my palpable - only to me, I'm sure - insecurity for not being a brain surgeon or working at Google or whatever). I even got to say, "Oh, CONRAD? Conrad can go to hell" to my uncle, who everyone agrees is a super-genius.
Short version: I Friend Requested some family people today. Yeah. I know.

A semi-downside (or at least a concern) courtesy of this newfound friendship with a few of my family is that the inevitable topic of "what I want to do" came up, and while I usually hedged and talked about law school, occasionally it would boil down to the fact that I want to get paid to write. So now some of them know that I have, and then I also let it slip once that I'm on TWITTER (fuck!), so now I have to, like...ugh. I don't know. I probably shouldn't even worry about it; they won't follow up on any of the blog/twitter stuff because they are adults with jobs and spouses and stuff and I am a social retard with a lot of free time.

So now that I've worked through all that, my main concern is all the pictures of me that are going to crop up on Facebook over the next couple of days...I'll try posting a couple here to counteract whatever gets out through other means.

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