Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bad Habits

I coloured my hair again. I wasn't going to for a while, because my hair was so damaged last time I did it - we had to bleach it THREE TIMES to get any change in it at all. But then I got a haircut and the bit of hair I had left was healthy enough for me to take the plunge again. I was going for a kind of ombre look last time, where the natural colour of my hair (a super-dark ebony) faded into a shade of brown three or four shades lighter at the ends. For some reason it didn't turn out at all in the back last time I tried it, but this time...yeah. It turned out. I mean, it wasn't as subtle as I envisioned it, but I kind of love the shocking blonde-ness of it anyway. I've wanted to colour my hair in a way that is (in my words) "Milla Jovovich in Fifth Element - totally unnatural but complimentary" for a while. Maybe this isn't as out-there as Orange Highlighter, but some of us have to function in regular society and occasionally put in hours at a Law Firm.

In other news, I'm updating a ton of videos to my Vimeo account from various events in the few months (Summerfest, New Orleans, and Puerto Rico, as well as some random Nights Out) - I'll put some of them up here when they're ready for public consumption.


Caroline said...


I wish I had money for a hair appointment.

That is all.

drknoll said...

I love it, too! No homo