Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Heart Will Go On

My mom is listening to a Bollywood song from 1995 while she works out in the other room. Every Indian person I know knows this song, even if you have to hum the melody for them to remember it. Indian DJs know to have it in their arsenal at an Indian event - I'm positive I've heard it at literally every Indian wedding reception I've ever been to (since 1995), and I have been to A LOT of Indian wedding receptions. My mother has 40 cousins. FORTY!!!!!! Indians be...havin' babies.

This is weird for me to try to explain because the American equivalent would be to unironically listen to the theme from Titanic. Also, I get sick of songs if I hear them too often in a one-week span; this Bollywood song has passed that point and cycled around to whichever point it is that I actually have dreams wherein this song plays in the background and I don't even realize it until a week later. It doesn't even annoy me anymore. This song is no longer just the theme to a movie - it's the theme for a people. It's an anthem. For ladies who saw this movie. In 1995.

SIDE NOTE: I just read the Wikipedia article for this movie (I saw it when I was 10, come on) and hollyyyyy crap. It made me realize how Shakespearean a lot of these classic Bollywood flicks are - the comedies are mischievous and cute, until everything almost turns into a huge tragedy, and then everyone gets married, whereas the tragedies are like comedies (you know, sad comedies though), and they alllllmost turn out okay, until everyone DIES. My god. Heartstrings, consider yourselves plucked. I'm going to go eat lunch and think about organizing a Bollywood night wherein all my white friends GET SKOOLED (also: all my white friends watch me ugly cry because you guys srsly these movies are intense).

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