Thursday, March 17, 2011


me: I WANT TO SEE GHOST WRITER TONIGHT (you all may remember from my tweets the other night that we kept having to restart Ghost Writer because we were distracted by involved side-commentary on the economic activities of the European Union...anyway we gave up at 1:30AM because it was a school night and we had only made it about 30 minutes into the movie)

Devon: well thats TOO BAD cuz its st pattys day and me 1/8th irish and i are going to get fucking drizzunk

me: mannnnnnnnn FINE
what are you going to do?

Devon: i dunno, but its gonna be with you, baby

me: haha oh, i mean, MY plan is to tie a rope to the back of your pants and yank it any time you wander into something dangerous or do something i don't like

Devon: hmmmm something tells me im gonna get yanked a lot

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