Monday, April 25, 2011

Baby Celebrity

LOOK AT THIS LIL GUY! Do you recognize him?

It's Nathan Fillion! IN JORTS AND ROLLERBLADES. LOLOLOL. All the LOLs. I kind of want to tweet it at @nathanfillion and heckle him a bit but I feel like that would be just incredibly unfair. Strangers don't heckle me about my senior yearbook picture, thank GOD. On the other hand I am this sexy FOR FREE and Nathan gets paid a lot to do what is (essentially) the same job. Wait where am I going with, Nathan Fillion as a wee lad, and don't let his outfit make you feel like you know Canadians now, because you don't.

Oh my god upon further inspection I see that he is wearing WRIST GUARDS AND A FANNY PACK. lajfalkdjflakfja NATHAN! What is the meaning of this!

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