Monday, April 25, 2011

Les Yeux

I've been reading Mindpop lately - it's the blog of Nina Mitchell, a young lady who had a stroke when she was 26. The thing I like about it is her recovery into the weird shit we call normalcy reveals the brain-debris that make up everyone's minds, and influence the way we communicate and how think about ourselves and other people (for example, Nina asks, "Do you think personality is permanent?" The answer is, "Have a stroke and you will know that you are false").

Her blog also examines her experience of being disabled in a culture which shies away from the mentally or physically imperfect (which, by the way, is EVERYONE, duh, we know this already, it bears mentioning anyway). To that end, Nina also exposed me to this incredible advertisement by CAP48, a Belgian disability organization:

The caption reads: "Look at my eyes. I said, my eyes." Girl, I been there. Sort of.

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