Monday, November 14, 2011

Borign (Too Bored to Spell "Boring" Correctly)

The end of the semester is upon us. This means I'm about to a lot of scrambling, a little sweat, a few tears, and lots of whining and thrashing about unproductively.

This blog is SO BORING. What should I talk about, though? All I ever do is read shit for class (I can talk about that, I guess - anyone out there interested in an UNABRIDGED history of WalMart?) and watch TV/movies with Boyf. It's nice in that I have an insanely low tolerance for drama, but boring in that I keep running into people and they keep asking that dreaded small-talky question, but who am I to blame them for being unoriginal when I myself am the most unoriginal small-talker ever? "So what have you been up to lately?"

I always just shrug and mutter about grad school being hard and everything but we all know that. Grad school is for overachieving nincompoops, and anyone who's perused the lurid pixels of this blog for longer than ten seconds knows for a fact that I'm AT LEAST a nincompoop.


I'm depressing myself. Here's a video of Stephen Colbert doing a bank ad, probably in 1992 or something, judging from the font.

Oh, Stephen. Giving us hope that one day all roundfaced babycakes who may or may not be wearing orange lipstick can make it to the big time.

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