Thursday, November 3, 2011

You're Really Listening!

Last weekend, Boyf made a new friend at the bar. They shared a very niche interest. I thought, "Boyf has just been mourning a lack of dude bros for him to hang out with!" (Boyf's three main dude bros are away at school or just too committed to living like an adult to come hang out at all hours of the evening and morning.) "This might be good for him!" And then I forgot all about it. Today we had this conversation:

Me: are you ever going to invite that guy out for DRINX?
Boyf: hahaha wellll i didn't get his # or last name
Me: oh okay i thought you guys must have exchanged info
Boyf: hahahahaha i know
Me: girls would definitely have exchanged info
      like two seconds into the interaction
Boyf: shit, buy that point yall wouldve already traded moisturizer recommendations

Ladies, we're always complaining about how men don't understand us and it's to everyone's detriment that they'll never have the proper abilities to do so. Don't get me wrong, in pretty much 99.99% of instances, I am on that boat with bells on. However...isn't it a little creepy when they have insights like this? 

I mean, creepy in a completely fulfilling, delightful, You're Really Listening kind of way, of course!

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