Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Want to Believe

Boyf and I have been watching a lot of X-Files lately.

I tried to find a better Season 1 pic but people seem to be way more interested in pics of Gillian in vinyl bodysuits or Scully and Mulder kissing. Anyway - look how young they are! Babby Scully and Babby Mulder. Aw.
We started at the Pilot and have been moving pretty steadily through Season 1 for the last couple of weeks. My old friend Owen watched all the X-Files from beginning to end a couple of years ago and it had the negative effect of making him insane and paranoid about everything, but he can be kind of dour sometimes to begin with, and he was going through a very solitary, dark period at the time...a period during which he was apparently doing nothing but working a job he hated and watching X-Files and generally hating life. It's easy to see how nine straight seasons of X-Files dramz might freak a person out. 

I, on the other hand, am enjoying this thoroughly. First of all, I'm not in an especially dark, hating-everything life space right now (no more than usual anyway). And then there's all the other factors to consider: 90s nostalgia/ middle school memories, Scully (and Scully's unflinching poker face, Scully tucking a gun into the front of her pants with straight grace and skill, Scully getting shot/punched/kicked in the head and being like "ALL IN A DAY'S WORK BITCHES" etc), Scully and Mulder, and so on. Plus, I already know that the news is fake so the basic premise of this show isn't a shock to my system. Another thing: characters are constantly referencing all these cute little pre-PATRIOT ACT restrictions on the FBI. For example, in an episode I just watched tonight, a suspect smugly told Mulder he couldn't tape their phone calls without the suspect's express permission LOL isn't it darling? That keeps it from being too #dark for me. I can't wait to get further into it so we can re-learn all about the Cigarette Smoking Man, the Smoking Gun, and Scully's Mysterious Alien Cancer Baby!

Are you ready?! Let's DO IT!!!!!!!!

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