Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Back on the Horsie! or: Paris the Heiress Tastes Sweet Freedom

I'm watching the news right now, and we know what that means.

It means I'm watching coverage of the Paris Hilton circus. Apparently she got out last night, after having served a sentence that was "much longer than average for similar offenses by others". Apparently she was let go early all those days ago because she was "suicidal". I have to say, I'm softening a bit on my Spoiled Brats Are Really Ridiculous and Outrageous (SBARRO) stance ("Spoiled Brats" including but not limited to Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and their ilk, and also any participant in MTV's Sweet Sixteen programming); yeah, she was out of hand, and I'm not taking back my pre-jail Paris rants, but I plan to be a little less, um, tempestuous when it comes to her post-jail behavior. As I said before, I want to see her act like a damn grown up. I think she wants to; I think she can.

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