Tuesday, June 26, 2007

An International Sign for Peace

Guess who failed at navigating the LA Public Transit System?

That's right...it was me!

I've ridden the bus about a billion times all over the world (Seattle, New York, Paris, London), but I've always been a little bit nervous when I go by myself. I have bad navigational skills. Like, really bad. Today I embroiled myself in yet another plot of intrigue as I failed yet again to determine the difference between North and East. *sigh*
Anyway, I was flustered and angry at being groped all day (I was a single female with her legs exposed - job interview gear) when I boarded the bus for home. A young man approached me. "Are you lost?" Obviously, he had heard me ask the driver if our bus went South. I answered in the negative, and turned away from him, holding onto my purse and the railing with death grips. Again, he addressed me. "Are you going to Pico?" He asked me. I shook my head. We locked gazes, and a meaningful pause ensued. My eyes said, "Don't touch me." His said, "Aahhhh, I understand the problem."
His fingers brushed my shoulder, and he said, "You have very beautiful shoes."

Have you ever seen seen that scene from Syriana when the plot is coming all unraveled and George Clooney's character is racing through the desert to warn a prince of his impending assassination? You know the part where he's speeding towards the motorcade in a car, and he's waving a white shirt (for lack of a flag) from the window, in an international sign for peace?

It was kind of like that.

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