Sunday, July 1, 2007

Things That Make Me Angry

NUMBER ONE: The Apple iPhone.

You make me angry because you're working so many people into such a stupid fervor. It's 600 dollars up front. not to mention a contract of god-knows-what-cost with Cingular of all places. you defy all laws of logic (You're the first generation of your product! There are bound to be some pretty hairy system bugs) only to drag the proletariat - for whom you claim to streamline efficacy - into debt and self-loathing for the sake of a fad. Why else would I want to buy a phone that's also an iPod, when I already have one of each and they work fine? I've never really wished that I could make them each part of a hive mind. Maybe I'm alone on that.




OhByTheWay,Bitch? You're not that cute.

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lulu said...

Some are selling for $1200 on ebay. ShitYouNot.