Sunday, August 10, 2008

Holy Shirts and Pants

There's seriously nothing like the feeling you get when you lead a group of people into a bar and it looks dead and horrible, and you spend, like, an hour trying to convince them that it is not, in fact, dead and horrible, and that the 5 bucks cover they'd have to pay would be worth it, and nobody believes you at all, and then you finally manage to drag them in and IT FUCKING RULES AND THEY LOVE YOU AND THINK THAT YOU ARE AN AWESOME PERSON FOR CONVINCING THEM TO DO THIS AND WE SHOULD DO THIS EVERY WEEKEND. Oh, not to mention the added cool factor of random people you went to high school with recognizing you and knowing the people you used to hang out with.

So that was last night, and the hangover I'm nursing (the indignity of growing old - I had THREE DRINKS) is pretty much worth it.

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