Monday, August 4, 2008

No, THIS is what the internet is for.

You may have noticed that in the left column of this page I have provided some links for you to visit if you tire of the non-tent (Get it? Not content? See what I did there?) I provide here. One of them is to The Superficial, which is a gossip page I go to pretty frequently because I am an absolute whore for meaningless tidbits about people I actually kind of hate. I thrive on "and here's a picture of Jennifer Aniston out and about in Los Angeles today, shopping in can see her nipples through her shirt!"
Anyway, The Superficial has a sister website called, which is all about random gadgets that get invented and released on places like QVC. On Friday he posted these old videos of Mike Rowe (current host of Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel) when he used to sell crap on QVC. All three of these are (as the writer put it) on your MUST MUST MUST watch list.

You know, as soul-destroying as this job must have been, I get the impression that Mike Rowe was actually enjoying himself in these. I can think of a few reasons for that:
1. Mike Rowe is incredibly stupid,
2. Mike Rowe has an exquisitely honed sense of the ironic,
3. Mike Rowe is one of the great actors of our time.

My money is on a blend of 2 and 3.

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