Sunday, September 7, 2008

Back! v 3.0

I just got home from my overnight trip to San Antonio. Sorry for all the cloak and daggers shit this weekend; I was trying to keep it on the down low so I could surprise Caroline. And it worked. Priya's Secret Trip FTW. Can you FTW yourself, I wonder?

I landed in San Antonio at 1pm yesterday, my friend Dave (Kyle's friend from college, who is in San Antonio during September for work) picked me up and we went straight to Six Flags. It was a pretty routine day there, except almost nobody was there so we had very short waits in the lines, which was sweet. Dave convinced me to go on some upside-down rides...and it wasn't bad! I didn't fall out of the seat while we were upside down and break my neck or anything (this being my main fear regarding the upside down rides), and I even kept my eyes open on some of them.

Then we played some Wii in Dave's hotel room, and went out to dinner on the River Walk, which mostly smelled like stagnant brine, and got overcharged because we were tourists. And THEN we met up with Caroline, who showed us the strip of bars where all the college kids go, and stayed out until 3AM! Dave and I finally fell asleep at about 4:30. That was pretty ridiculous because I normally can't keep my eyes open past midnight, but I guess it was a special occasion. This morning I did some quick calculations and came to the conclusion that I'd been wearing my four-inch heels for 8 hours last night, and I managed to walk over some very unstable terrain and didn't twist my ankle or fall down and break my neck (this being my main fear regarding four-inch heels). I am awesome.

This morning we woke up and went to a sports bar to watch some Seahawks football, and sat next to some of the most obnoxious people I've ever met. I don't understand how people can get that worked up about anything. "I've got Seahawks towels, Seahawks blankets! Seahawks placemats," screamed the fan sitting across from me. His 1 year old son was sitting in his lap, wearing a tiny - and, admittedly, devestatingly cute - Hasselback jersey. I think that kid is probably going to grow up to be deaf. His dad will be, like, "BEIN' DEAF NEVER HURT NO QUARTERBACK!!!!!"

Then I flew back to Houston, suffered a 50 minute flight (about the length it took me to read two Vanity Fair articles), and now I'm back! No souveniers this time, either, folks. I've got enough as it is: this throbbing headache and the dire need for a bottle of water and a nap.

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