Thursday, September 4, 2008

Enthusiastically Promoted Word of the Day

MAN, you guys. I was just taught the word "bougie" by my brother. Do you know what that is? I will tell you. defines bougie as:

Anything that is percieved as "upscale" from a blue-collar point of view. 'Bougie' (pronounced boo'-she) is a hacked truncation of the word Bourgeoisie, which refers to the middle-class in Europe, but refers to a more affluent class level in the United States.

As you all know, when defines something for you, they don't just leave you twisting in the wind like some dictionaries I could name. They give you examples, so you never have to make a fool out of yourself by describing yourself as "narcotic" when you really mean to say that you are "neurotic" (yeah, there are a lot of stupid people in my life right now). My favourite example was this one:

"What kind of chips are those?"
"Organic Parmesan Oregeno with Olive Oil, they're 4 dollars a bag"
"Man those are bougie chips"

They totally ARE bougie chips!

But I am not that clever. Also, I am most likely the one who is eating those organic parmesan chips, and using words in relation to yourself just for the excuse is lame. How about this context, instead?

When my friend Miya wears a blazer or Lucy gets a massage I call them bougie cause we're unemployed college students.

Then again, I'm probably the one who is most likely to wear a blazer or get a massage, friends are too real for either of those things.

The point is that I can't decide whether "bougie" tickles me because I genuinely like the evolution of language, or if I'm laughing because the only alternative would be to cry.


Jordan said...

too real for blazers? i think not! i never gave in to those stupid boleros, though. those are fail.

(as if anyone else would post about boleros.)

Priya said...

As if anyone else would describe anything as "fail".

L said...

I get you. It's nice how convenient the word has become - easier to pronounce, quicker to say, etc. Yet, at the same time, I weep for the death of our collective heritage.