Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Indignities

I just got an email notification that campus will be closed - and classes cancelled - until Monday or Tuesday, depending on when the school gets power and running water back. Which means I'm going to have had like a week and a half vacation where none was scheduled. This does not bode well for my Fall break trip to Austin...I get the feeling it's going to be absorbed by my Fall break trip to make-up-7-days-of-classes-land. And since I did any reading that was due (and read ahead besides) long ago, AND finished all the episodes of House (up to and including the one that showed last night), I have moved on (or back) to Sex and the City. Nothing like a little mindless activity to enhance your already quite-mindless-enough activities.

Two fake compound words in one paragraph. I'm getting lazy.

Off to watch Carie & Co. make fools of themselves over men!

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