Monday, September 8, 2008

And Then I'll Be Sorry

Kyle's phone: Hey, baby! I'll call you in a bit. I'm in a crowded car with a bunch of boys. I love you!

Priya's phone: You know what they say about riding in cars with boys...

Kyle's phone: It's gay?

Priya's phone: That's how good girls get in trouble!

Kyle's phone: Are you calling me a good girl? The NERVE!

Priya's phone: No, you already did the riding. Now you're a bad girl. Yeah...definitely bad.

Kyle's phone: Hahahah...I'm a bad girl...that's terrible.

I seem to recall talking with Marion over lunch about a month ago when she warned me about these kinds of conversations, because - in her words - one day I will succeed at what I'm doing here, and then I'll be in a very strange relationship with a very confused man. Or woman.

1 comment:

Jordan said...

one thing kyle does not need is any kind of gender confusion. seriously. i just imagined him in a dress.
"i am here from munich, for a conference!"