Thursday, October 23, 2008

I need to stop being such a geek.

But I can't help it!

I just emailed my Literary Criticism prof about how much I enjoyed her class.

Seriously. That was it. I just rambled on for like 15 lines about how I would gladly take a Lit Crit II if it were offered, and how at first I didn't like Dracula but now it's one of my favourite books ever. And then I told her that I valued her opinion completely, so - even though I've already met with my program advisor and he approved the classes I want to take next semester - would she recommend some classes for me to take in the future? And also can we be best friends forever?

I wish there was a way that I could be appropriately demonstrative without sounding like I want a lock of her hair to keep in the treasure box under my bed, but at this point (the point at which I've already sent the email) I could give a shit. I'm lettin' the old Freak Flag fly.

I'm actually not sure she likes me much at all, so hopefully she won't respond to my overtures with a restraining order (because that would really put a damper on my plans to make a Platonic Love Potion and spike her coffee with it).


Rolling Meme said...

I have sent so many emails to a few of my profs about such things. I know exactly what you're talking about. I always thought I came off as either being very Fatal Attraction or very "GIVE ME A FUCKING 'A,'" but I don't care.

I just had to tell them.

I actually sent one such email today. It's letter of recommendation time at the Sweat-Warren household (I'm applying to an MBA of Digital Media Management program at St. Edwards here in Austin [we should talk about that, I have a grand idea that everyone I know should do this with me]), so I sent a request to my TV Crit professor and spent most of the message doing the written equivalent of rubbing his butthole.

That's gross.

OK, but I just couldn't help asking him a bunch of questions about the election coverage and using semiotics when analyzing shitty TV news.

I miss being in school. It's kind of sad.

Priya said...

Yeah! I heard about the St. Eds thing - Lauren told me. I'm glad to hear your meeting with them went sure to contact me with details on any and all grand plans under which the Sweat-Warren household may be operating.

I need to be a part of that shit.