Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm Judging You: Holiday Edition!

When you take your kids out to eat at a fancy restaurant on Thanksgiving and insist on sitting outside in the cold so you can smoke...

I'm judging you.

When you take your young kids out to eat at a fancy restaurant on Thanksgiving and ignore them when they start to scream...

I'm judging you.

When your kid trips a waiter (on purpose) and you reprimand said waiter for spilling water on or near your shoes...

I'm judging you.

When you go out into the public sphere and generally act like a fucking douchebag in front of your kid...

I'm judging you.

When you see me staring at you, furrowing my brow, and mouthing the words "you're a tragic waste of space"...

Yeah, I'm judging you.

I am a participant in NaBloPoMo 2008. Post every day in November. That's all you have to do.


Rolling Meme said...

I generally have two speeds with people:

1) warmth, generosity, and love


2) unbridled hatred.

Robert said...

How about when you see someone grocery shopping with their kid at 11:45 at night on a weekday?

Priya said...

John - I used to think I had three speeds:
1. warmth, generosity, etc,
2. neutral
3. unbridled hatred
but now I kind of realize that number 2 and 3 are the same - if I don't know you, I pretty much fucking hate you.

Robboid - OH MY GOD that is so true. Hahahaha!