Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The End of the Beginning of the End

I'm right in the middle of finals week, but I feel like I've already started summer vacation - minus the actual celebrations that would entail - because I had my accounting final today. It went...well. I mean, not as poorly as I thought it might. After all my threatening to commit suicide (Harakiri or the noose? One mass suicide note or many personalized ones?), I ended up just sitting there and doing my math problems quietly for two hours and leaving without creating any kind of bloody scene or anything. I was rather proud of myself and somewhat disappointed. You all know how I love the theatrics and melodrama.

Yesterday I had my Victorian Literature and Chaucer finals. Those went well, too. Vic Lit was a strong point this semester so I rocked it. I'm almost kind of sad that I won't get it back after she grades it because I just know it has "Priya, One of the best in the class! Have a great summer and Don't Change!" written on the top. Chaucer was a slightly larger struggle, mostly because my prof was kind of a bitch and I have no faith that she'll grade me - or anyone, really - with any degree of fairness. We all kind of went into that exam feeling like the die was already cast in terms of our places on the curve. And then she made the following announcement during the exam: "you'll all be happy to know that I just did the calculations in my grade book and you are all passing!" I'LL BE HAPPY TO KNOW THAT I HAVE AT LEAST A C-? FUCK YOU, WOMAN!!! I'LL BE HAPPY TO KNOW THAT I HAVE AN A! Ooh, touchy subject. So anyway, I was in finals from like 3-7pm straight yesterday. I thought it would suck a bunch but it didn't, really.

Tomorrow I have Shakespeare, and then Thursday I have Ethics. I wish they were both tomorrow so I could just knock 'em out one after the other and be done with it all as soon as possible. They both seem like they'll be softball exams. At least, they will be for me, because I'm a genius (don't look at me like that. It's true). Hahaha. So now I'm thinking about what I want to do on Thursday to celebrate my newfound freedom. I want to see the new Star Trek, which I heard was unexpectedly sexy, and then I want a margarita or three, and then I want to drown in the pool. I don't know. The best nights always happen when you aren't planning for them, so hopefully I can just get everyone in the same room at once and hope for the best. It'll be like herding cats! Fun!

I just realized that this marks the end of my junior year. Which more year. And then...and then a lifelong panic attack about "what next??" Sounds amazing. I can't wait. Hopefully I'll just go to law school and hang out there for as long as possible, and then maybe I can just...just...AUGHH okay, let's not get ahead of ourselves...just relax...JUST ONE MORE YEAR AND THEN AND THEN it's going to be okay! Let's *deep breaths* change the subject.

And now I'm making a Summer Mix. Because that's how you know it's officially summer. So far I have some ELO, Bob Marley, and a song that I just discovered: Hot Pants in the Summertime, by The Dramatics. I like that band name! Any requests/suggestions? What songs feel like Summertime to you? Aaaaand cue the deafening internet silence of no comments. At least I tried.


Marion said...

i can't give you suggestions, because i have a summer mix too! ELO's on mine... hm, you can have it. NO CROSSOVER.

Priya said...

There's more than enough ELO in the world to go around...I claim "Do Ya" - you can have anything else!

L said...

Santigold is summery, IMO. She would appear on my hypothetical mix.

Priya said...

Ooh, nice catch. I bet Santigold and MIA would be a sweet tour ticket, huh?