Thursday, May 21, 2009


I'm only here to touch base with you guys about the fact that The Cookie Lounge was everything I hoped it would be, and more. I went there with Lauren, John, Robert, and Michael. Yo Gabba Gabba was playing on a TV, and I saw Mark Mothersbaugh draw a fish! And they had free wi-fi! We played a game full of trick questions - I got a bunch right! The cookie itself was fantastic - it was made with chocolate dough, dried cherries, and 55% dark chocolate chips. Think about that. It came out deliciously hot and perfectly melty. God, it was good. It was...(wait for it)...the Platonic Ideal of cookies.

I land in Houston tomorrow at 2:30, so...hold on to your butts, I guess. I'm going to tear the town a new asshole so it won't miss me when I'm in class next week, learning about the Holy Scriptures (according to the Catholics) and/or Astronomy. Ugh. I guess the good thing is that when I eventually, inevitably puke out of sheer desperation, I'll get to see my cookie again.

That's disgusting. I'm sorry.


Marion said...

oh my god. my heart stopped when i was reading that entry, but only because i thought you ACTUALLY witnessed mark mothersbaugh draw a fish, like, IN THE FLESH. what a tease.

Priya said...

HAhaha. No, not in the flesh. But I DID see Mark Mothersbaugh do other stuff! Like sing and dance and talk shit about David Byrne.