Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Twice in one night! Can you handle it?

So John, Robert, Lauren and I went to play trivia at the Flying Saucer tonight. We did pretty poorly because the first two rounds had stupid fucking themes (Breakfast and Current Events [which mostly centered on sports tonight]). But then we did awesomely on the third round, the theme for which was Apes. I even contributed a correct answer! It was Jane Goodall. Haha! Suck on that, everyone.

Tomorrow we're going to get sushi for lunch - or I heard rumors that we were going to, anyway - and then we're going to The Cookie Lounge at some point tomorrow night. The Cookie Lounge is this bakery kind of place where you go and you get to order cookies. Like ice cream, you know? You get to choose your own add-ins and whatever else. You even choose what kind of milk you'd like to drink with your special cookies and they pour you a glass of it. Then they cook your cookies right in front of you, and give them to you piping hot from the oven. BONUS (check this the fuck out): delivery is also an option. That's right, they fucking deliver CUSTOM MADE cookies to your fucking house if you want them to. Jesus Christ. When Robert told me about that, I made a split-second decision. That decision was: AUSTIN IS STONER VALHALLA.
LA has better weed; I can admit that much. But everything else there fucking sucks compared to Austin. Oh, you'd like to speak up on behalf of LA? Well, you can go jump off a fucking bridge if it doesn't have delivery cookies, alright? Just...don't even bother. Show me some delivery cookies and then I'll talk to you.

I had some other stuff to talk about, but all of existence pales in comparison to the concept of The Cookie Lounge right now. So I'll save whatever else for tomorrow. Goodnight.

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