Saturday, June 20, 2009

Aziz Ansari has my (should be grudging, but it's not) respect.

I first started hearing of Aziz's work when Human Giant started showing on MTv. I could tell it was theoretically really funny, but for some reasons none of the jokes landed with me. I even went through the trouble of watching their 24 hour marathon (well, about 8 hours of it, on an off) to see if it was a "growing on me" thing. It wasn't. For once, and this is huge, I realized that my not liking something is not a reflection of that something's actual merit. And yet I still could only shrug. So I've never been a huge fan of Aziz. I liked his character pretty much on Parks and Recreation, but I've found that he actually makes me laugh the most when he's just being himself. I posted an amusing interview with him and Jimmy Kimmel, I think, and now this:

Aniz (Aziz's brother): bro
Aniz: this is fucked up
Aniz: They wouldn’t take Marco’s blood at the blood drive cause he was gay
Aniz: He’s school president
Aniz: he arranged the whole event

Aziz: is there a news article linking to this?

Aniz: Oh
Aniz: I’m talkin about whats going on in the episode of Degrassi I’m watching

Go find out more at Aziz's blog, which he updates on the regular:

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