Monday, June 22, 2009

This is What They Call Self-Awareness

The following is an excerpt from a Videogum review of Margot at the Wedding that was posted earlier today:

Oh, white people. Will we ever tire of complaining about the aches and pains of our petty bourgeois existence? Boo hoo hoo, the line at the iPhone store was too long. Boo hoo hoo, the barista got the ratio of espresso to ice in my iced Americano wrong. Boo hoo hoo, the cuff-links I ordered on-line weren't shipped overnight, and then they went to my apartment when I meant to have them delivered to the office, and I don't have a doorman at my apartment, so I had to call UPS and give them an alternate address and they said they couldn't redeliver until tomorrow morning. This is worse than apartheid!

Makes me sick to my stomach (which is full of foie gras and root beer floats and money).

The following is an excerpt from an email conversation that Marion and I just had:

haha, have you read infinite jest?

SRSLY yes i have.

can i kiss your feet? you've endured more than gandhi.

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