Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Priya's Top Ten Rules For Making a Mix CD

1. Start off with a bang.

2. Now turn it to 11.

3. Back down a step.

4. Get serious.

5. Get sentimental.

6. But I always try to retain a sense of humor about just how sentimental I'm being. Throw in KC and Jojo if all else fails.

7. Make Track 7 special. This is always, without fail, my thesis statement.

8. Expose them to something I think they'd never have heard without me.

9. If the mix is primarily fast songs at this point, slow it down. If it's slow, speed it up.

10. Make a strong closing statement. If I had two thesis songs and couldn't decide, this is the place for the one that isn't Track 7. Or I might throw on a slow one and let the lyrics stand for themselves.

Et voila.
Bonus Step:
11: Enjoy the glow of gratitude and the satisfaction of a job well done.

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