Thursday, February 18, 2010

I love LARPers.

You know what? Fine. Far be it from me to deny them an activity that makes them feel like they are contributing to something completely silly as that "something" no doubt is, and as absolutely laughable as the "worthwhile" adjective is, too.

"Die, Sky bitch!"

1. I am not a huge AVATAR fan but even I know that there is more to being Na'vi than shoving plastic flowers in the ground and shooting arrows at a depressing naked mannequin that you stole out of a dumpster behind Macy's.
2. The leader guy looks like Tobias Funke when he decided he wanted to be a part of Blue Man Group.
3. At least they're not kidnapping me and forcing me to re-enact their high school's Prom in their mom's basement (anymore). I'm not even sure if this is for real. The production value on this is way too high. But then they have a GMAIL ADDRESS so you know it's legitimate.


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Priya said...


drknoll said...

HAHAHA wow, this is awesome. I love how their tree of souls is a tree with tp in it.

L said...

OMG. these people are obviously playing an elaborate joke...right??