Thursday, February 25, 2010

Am Appy is Grossing Me Out

Does anyone else look at this picture and think: "these young ladies were definitely sold into sex slavery by their impoverished, uneducated parents who had no other option (possibly ALSO under extreme duress applied by organized crime lords)"?

I am pretty sure Dov was standing behind the camera, saying, "hold her, Alejandra. Help her, Melissa. NOW SMILE LITTLE GIRLS OR YOU KNOW WHAT YOU GET" and the girl on the left managed to force a smirk (because she is still able to remember the Shire) but the one of the right was like "I CAN'T SMILE ANYMORE OH MY GOD NOW HE'S GOING TO RAPE ME UNTIL I CALL HIM MR. DADDY" and then right after this picture was taken she broke into silent, horrified sobs.

I'm not kidding. I think this picture is gross. And actually what's worse than this girl's expression is the fact that some 15 year old girl is reading this and thinking that I need to lighten up.


L said...

Not to mention that those dresses are whorishly fugly.

Priya said...

HAHAHA, that too. Gags all around!